Don’t get us wrong, having wedding photos are important for you. But not that we’re biased, we think having a video is also just as important…

When planning for your wedding day, there will be so much to consider. From your wedding gown to your perfect venue, there’s a lot. Sometimes, a couple will book their photography and forget about video – even though we firmly believe video is just as important. A wedding video offers the opportunity to truly relive and experience your magical day over again. Leaving you full of emotions and feelings of love.


A photo is a snapshot of a specific moment in time, capturing just a fraction of a second. A video is capturing thousands of photos (up to 120 frames per second to be exact) allowing you to experience minutes or even hours of moments. A photograph will capture you smiling, but a video will show you the reason why you’re smiling.


There’s a clear winner here and that’s video. Audio is so important with any video and if you’ve ever watched a film without the soundtrack or muted, you’ll quickly understand why. Firstly, the music used through the videos can create emotion and atmosphere. Perfectly selected music will compliment the visuals on screen. Secondly, audio is priority for the speeches and important for your wedding vows. Listen back to those deep and meaningful words from those who you love and care for the most.


Editing photos does take a lot of time and effort to perfect and get spot on and so does video. But for most people, the furthest they’ll ever get with photo editing is dropping an Instagram filter on their selfie. With your professional wedding photographer, they will go way beyond this to achieve perfection, adjusting all kind of settings to create the perfect photo.

With a video you can have hundreds of clips, totally over 5 hours of plain simple footage. As an editor, you must go through every second and create a story – that’s before you even colour grade and think about audio. Creating a wedding video can take a lot of time, in some cases around 40 hours of editing work.

Just remember, your investment in a video is for something that will last for a lifetime. It is something you can look back on and treasure for years to come, both for past and future generations. We recommend that you consider video just as important as video and set aside the relevant budget to accommodate this. We understand that weddings can be expensive, so contact us if you wish to discuss tailored options.