Zaffiro Videos was setup back in 2015 and little did I know how amazing this job would be…

I’m Cieran, the videographer, director, editor and everything else in between. I have always had a keen interest for video, but never pursued it further. That was until I had the chance to join a wedding photographer and a spark went off that made me realise the huge potential.

I remember the feeling of happiness and love that was in the air. Everybody you looked at was smiling and enjoying the special day with the even happier couple! There was so much excitement and joy everywhere you turned. Nevertheless, I still felt a bit like a rabbit caught it headlights. This was my first ever wedding that I was about to film. The pressure was unbelievable. I remember feeling so nervous and how I was scared of forgetting to press the record button… But after that day I knew that this would be something I wanted to pursue and grow further. The wedding went so smoothly and the video turned out so good (they are a lot better now, I promise). Three years later, I’m still doing it. Filming weddings that is, and no, I haven’t forgotten to press record, ever.

Don’t get me wrong, making a wedding video is not easy and not everyone can cope with the pressure involved. But I’ve always been a firm believer in “You only get out, what you put into something”. The hours spent on the day filming, to the many more hours spent editing pay off when the films are finished. As soon as I see the reaction from the couple when I show them their finished videos, I get a great deal of happiness and pride. It’s a feeling that you can’t really get anywhere else.

I come from a design background, specialising in 3D graphics and branding design. I also have another company, TAG Design Studios (click here), where we help sportswear brands develop and grow. I have worked with interior designers and architects, to sportswear brands and even with a travel agency.

I am so grateful for all the couples who have entrusted me with making their wedding videos. Everyone I have met along the way has been incredibly supportive and simply fantastic. I aim to provide not just a wedding video, but an unique and personal service for every couple that I work with. My phone never really switches off, I reply to emails late on a Sunday evening – but I can’t help myself. I love what I do and enjoy every moment involved in creating a wedding video. No matter how many weddings you go to, you always see something different and I approach each with with an open and creative mind.

f you’d like to know more about Zaffiro Videos or find out if your wedding date is available, please contact us.