Your wedding day will be magical, unique and full of long lasting memories. Full of moments you will want to relive time and time again. From the special words spoken at your speeches, to moments of love between you and your partner – these are all things that can be captured perfectly with a video.


Everyone will say that your wedding day will fly by, and trust us, it really does. One moment you’ll be getting ready and the next you’ll be walking down the isle hand in hand. Then suddenly you’ll be dancing away before your magical day comes to a close. There will be so much going on and you’ll not want to miss a moment. Having a wedding video almost guarantees that the majority of your day will be captured to treasure forever. Having a digital copy of special moments that you can keep forever for you and future generations to look back on.


A wedding video is full of emotion. As they say “Motion creates emotion”. Edited with perfectly selected music, and many hours of hard work, you’l be left with a video that can move you to tears. A video captures so many different angles that photography doesn’t.

Videos have the power to move you and inspire feelings within. Think of the amount of times you’ve been moved with emotions from a blockbuster movie. Part of the reason that movies can be so moving and emotional is because they are able to tell a story. In this case, it will be your own personal and unique story that will be told.


Most people think a video is all about the visuals you see on-screen, but this isn’t the case. The background music and voices of any amazing film will contribute so much to the feelings you have.

Any voices within a film need to be crisp and clear, you’ll be surprised how easy you’ll notice any ‘hissing’ or ‘humming’ in the background. As for music, the genre needs to suit who you two individuals are as a couple. After several meetings, questions and paying close attention to your day, Zaffiro Videos can gain an insight as to the most appropriate songs to use. Not only that, Zaffiro Videos ensures audio from your ceremony and speeches is captured perfectly. With back-up upon back-up, various audio recorders and hidden setups. We can discreetly record great audio to use within your wedding video.


Sometimes not every family member or close friend can attend your wedding day. Having a wedding video ensures that they have a chance to see most of your special day – whether it be just the highlights or the full video. This means nobody will feel left out knowing they will have a glimpse of how magical your wedding day was!


This point is a little sombre, but entirely heart warming. As we all know, unfortunately at some point the people we love and care for will pass. Having any photo’s and video to look back on can bring back cherished memories and feelings. A video can portray how that loved one sounded and show a little more of their mannerisms than a still photo.